Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Discoveries 

You know for years genetics have said that they have the answers, we will find the answers in 5 to 10 years. Now depending on when you were born and what generation you are from that could have been 30 years ago! 

Well with the rising of technology and how much advancement there is that some might get one step closer to their "cure".  Yeah I know its hard to believe that word might become real, now for me I'm not sure if the word CURE might be accurate but you'll see why I think that. 

When I went in for my 6 month check up with my immunologist, the first thing we had discussed was about genetics. Now a little brief snippet, both of my parents did do genetics testing to determine if anything was passed down without their knowledge that might be the reasons why I was always sick but everything came up ZERO . . . and that was 20 years ago.  Genetics and technology wasn't as advance as it is now. 
***This is a Chromosome Chart

At this seminar they explained that it goes deeper than just genetics and chromosomes, it's actually your GENOME

In modern molecular biology and genetics, the genome is the genetic material of an organism. It consists of DNA or, in RNA viruses, RNA. The genome includes both the genes and the non-coding sequences of the DNA/RNA

So things like where you get your eye colors, hair colors, and other physical features  that you would get from your parents as well as certain chromosomes that gets passed down aren't not the biggest role in how you might get this or that.  

My immunologist also have said that while they were showing and explaining certain genomes that they know cause this or that, this particular Genome is the exact profile of me. For years my immunologist couldn't put me under an certain category because I didn't quite fit in right but he had to put me somewhere which is CVID. 

What I found interesting was that this particular genome is the exact profile of me and my immunologist explains that these genome(s) are turn on way up high which is why some of us has this or that. Genetics believes that if they can turn down how active this genome is so it's not as active but still on because you can't turn it off. 

So what's the plan?
*** If you don't understand about what the picture represent, it's basically how the process of transcribing and translation occurs. You unwind your DNA then the Messenger RNA copies the one strands of DNA then it is translated.

Well they found that these genome that are getting transcribes the RNA and the RNA turns them up on high, what they hope to do as my immunologist explains to me that they'll take a cell out of your body, readjusted the RNA sequences once they know which Genome(s) it is before they place that corrective cell back in you.

Now you might say like what I said "Aren't they worry about the body attacking this because it's foreign?" my immunologist answer said that it's your cell, part of your body so it shouldn't not and have no reasons to attack that one particular cells. Our body reproduce these cells all the time so by placing in a new and healthy cell and that will ALSO be reproduced. = HEALTHY CELLS

I already told my immunologist that I would be willing to submit blood work and whatever else the genetics people need. So hopefully by the time he has his summary report done and sent to me that is when I'll know more about what to do as far as being a part of this amazing discovery.

10 years down the road isn't far, I'll be 35 believe it or not and if turning down these active Genomes that triggers what I have for good and only have to do IVIG every so often then so be it. Plus this could also help solve others answers that I may not have had questions to because the genome(s) had pointed it out without my knowledge of even having it. 

Hey it could help solve my kidneys problem, which I hope it does because doing an bispoy will for sure put me 10 steps backwards and the recovery time could take a 6-12 months. Plus what happens if they don't find anything?

This could be start of a better future for many, but it taking it one step at a time FORWARD and not backward. Now this might not work for all of you but you know it doesn't hurt to ask your doctors about new genetics and genome information. The organization that my immunologist had said are working on funds to start this and I'm more than happy to do the genetics/Genome testing done. 

I'm even more curious to what the name that one GENOME that is the exact profile of me is called. 

I will compose more posts as this progress along, I'll even explain about what my goals are before having kids even though that could be 8 years from now. But I like to set a premeditated plan, even when it's a crazy plan.


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