Monday, June 1, 2015

Volunteer Travel

BioLife in Menasha, WI

Hey everyone!

So last week (May 17th - 21st) was pretty busy for me, a few month ago I got an email from IDF looking for PIDD patients to volunteer to speak at some of the Plasma centers in Wisconsin. And clearly I said yes because I love to travel first of all and plus it was an adventure!

I visited Sheboygan, Appleton and Menasha, Wisconsin. Three days, six meetings altogether two per day. Luckily my voice didn't go out, it has a tendency to do that every once in awhile when I need to speak in front of people.

Sheboygan adventure . . .



Some pictures I took while in Sheboygan, I like interesting sculpture because that's just me and art. The fishes photos were at a restaurant that my aunt and I ate at after I spoke at the Sheboygan BioLife center. 

Appleton Adventure . . .

My appleton fashion outfit and really my first dress that I actually wore! Plus rocking Zebras Socks

One of the journey that I had hoped it worked out was seeing Brittany, she and her fiance were traveling to Wisconsin to head to Iron Mountain to see relative. We both really had hope that it would have worked out but due to their little boy not handling car rides well and getting lost amid Ohio and then ended up in Michigan and ended up goign through Michigan which was not their original plan. However I told her to MAKE sure to tell me when they were planning on coming back up to Wisconsin because where my aunt and grandma lives it's only about an hour and a half from Iron Mountain. I can make my 3 hour drives to my aunt and grandma and Brittany can make a little pit stop before heading up to Iron Mountain.

One of these days it will work and it will be spectacular


Now there's a story (stories) behind some of these photos, let's start with the British Man. If you didn't know I am an elite bowler and sometimes you travels for bowling events. Well in 2012 I was actually in Appleton for High School Bowling Tournament and after that tournament we ate at this very restaurant. It was no wonder why the restaurant looked familiar, it was crazy to think back on that.

Now Barnes & Noble plus the books I brought, CLEARLY I'm an avid reader and I also blog about books so that's really why I take pictures of book stores and books.

The Elephant that I took at the restaurant Good Company which was delicious by the way, an author that I'm friends with loves elephants so I tweet to her that when I see elephants I think of her because she love them. She was really touched.

Menasha adventure . . . 
There wasn't much because my aunt and I were going to the Menasha BioLife and then we were heading back to her house and then I was leaving the next day.

Me and Cassie

I spoke to multiple staffs at each centers, and for the most part a lot of them did have some really great questions. There was one person that work for the company that creates the machines to process the Plasma from the donors and turns out she works at numerous company with plasma therapies and has a vast knowledge of PIDD. She even told her own mother-in-law and friend to get check because they had the symptoms of reoccurring illness that just won't go away. 

She held back a lot of questions because she didn't want to take over the meeting but it was really great to meet her and hear from someone that has a great understanding about PIDD or Zebras. She loves how open I was with my journey and clearly have such an positive thought about myself. The first day at Sheboygan, the staff was a little bit more quiet and I'm honestly am an OPEN BOOK. But hearing any one story can be quite a lot to take in.

Overall this trip was fun, I love traveling to begin with so I'm not picky at all. As long it's inside the STATES I'm good an as long its not anything hunting/fishing museums I'm good.

I did get a thank you card from Cassie and she said that many staff were deeply moved by my story and my overall perspective in life living with PIDD. Even Cassie said that in the thank you card and told me to never lose that perspective which I never will.

Thank you Cassie for representing me, thank you to my aunt who drove me to each centers, it was a little fun adventure for both of us.