Friday, February 27, 2015

Infusion Day

Okay so this is a week late since I had my infusion last friday but I had a big big weekend so I didn't have the time to sit down and type away!

So my infusion went a little bit different because I had a nurse who seen me before and sometimes changes the bottle every once in awhile if my primary nurse isn't around. Well she was my primary nurse and I know she's knows what the routine is for me but she or I was going to play hardball.

First it had to deal with my needle size really its the same dance over and over again, I typically "Usually" uses an 1 and 1/4 size needle that practically the biggest size they make.

BUT . . .

. . . .

BUT . . .

The claim is that they don't have that size!!!!! Which I know is not true because Ive made it a habit to check the needle size when I come every 21 days. There's only a few nurses that actually know where that neddle is stocked but still it's the same old dance.

Anyways so I said we can do 1 inch  but I can't go any smaller than that.

So I'm access and waiting for my stuff to come up the nurse wanted to give me an IV saline bag which is like NOT WHAT I DO! Not in the last 6 to 10 years!

But she was insisted that it was protocol but I know the routine for me so after she was trying to provide an argumentative discussion about it's a backup, we can't just give you your medicine and such but I told her that we don't do IV Saline for me, we never have unless we needed to and I've been doing pretty good on Privgen without an reaction.

I kept telling her that no one else give me that IV saline but she goes on saying that everyone's problem but I had to put my foot down because I did not need that excess fluid running in me!

SO after I told her that I simply don't get it, she asked  
"So you're refusing this?" 

NEVER IN MY LIFE had I had someone say that to me! It was like I was refusing treatment but which I was not. But I said YES I'm refusing the Saline bag and so she gave me Saline Flush (Syringe) which is what everyone else does, simple as that.

Its rare that I had to do that but I did not need that medium size IV Saline bag, it wasn't even the smallest they had!  The only other time that I had to explain that I don't get an IV bag saline was with a new nurse (really new) and she asks for a switch

I promise I don't BIT! Or Claws but she was very new so she was uncomfortable with how things were run with me and me being so vocal.

And that's okay . . . with me it's just a go with the flow.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vaccines, Vaccines, Vaccines.

I know with the measles stirring around many Zebras are very concern about getting it or are stuck with that should I or Should I not get vaccinated (if you haven't already)

Now I was given the MMR as a toddler but we did not know that I wasn't suppose to get it because it was a live virus. But in the end my titer shows no indicated that I've ever got those Vaccines but we have the paperwork saying so.

Now the doctors, our immunologist or whomever you go and see say that ever time you get your IGG, you're essentially getting those vaccines every time you infused so theoretically you should be protected. But you can be left wondering about your owns kids (present or in the future) how do you protect them as well yourself?

Yes you should get your children vaccinated! That is IMO but everyone is entitled to their belief and reasons why they won't vaccinate their children. My goal when it does come time I will vaccinate my kids but maybe not at the age they usually given them at.

With my personal experience, the vaccine "LOT" that I receive contains a high amount of Mercury and from that "LOT" there's been kids that gotten those and had develop some health problems or even autism have been noted.  So naturally I'm going to be hesitated on when it's the right time to give my kids the vaccines or if they can even receive the vaccine because you never know, they might get CVID or another form of a immune deficiency.

You want what's best for your children as well yourself especially for us Zebras, I know that I'll have to get my kids to get the chicken pox vaccine because I've never had it (the vaccine) so I know even though the IVIG is suppose to help me against those virus that I can't get vaccinated for like chicken pox. Chicken Pox is dangerous to adults and if for whatever reason one of my kids were to get the chicken pox then I might have to isolate myself from her/him. 

Don't you think that at some point you'll have a fear of not being able to tend to your children when they're sick? I kind of have that but I hope that I have wonderful healthy kids.

So what about you? How would you approach the Vaccine decision?