Monday, October 20, 2014

Double Trouble

So a lot of things are going on for Brittany and Kat,

Got a Live Vaccine shot
Kidneys still leaking protein
Low IGG levels

Major Sinus Problem
Mal absorption
Resistant to antibodies 

And whatever else comes along our way . . .

As many of you know from my post on the CVID group page, I was mistakenly given the Live Vaccine Flu shot A.K.A mist. Two days later on  Friday I had a horrible running nose but thankfully Saturday and Sunday the running lessen up dramatically probably because I got my IVIG on Friday. I'm going to do what I can to make sure I don't get the flu this winter because I won't be as protected due to the flu mist.

Another news is that I'm still leaking Protein through urine and my immunologist did some lab works and thinks that we should pursude this a little bit harder rather than let it slide by because the leaking through my kidneys means that I'm not holding all my my IVIG that I get every three weeks which could be part of the reason why my IGG levels are low even after doing every three weeks and is on 80 grams.


These last few months has been my greatest and also my worst time, I have a beautiful 4 month old baby boy completely healthy and now I'm sick.

I had to have a lung biposy to determine why I wasn't oxygenated blood through my lungs and heart but after that they medically clear me as having healthy lungs but now thinks the problems are in my sinus. So there's a planned surgery to get up in my sinuses.

But now that surgery been moved up because I'm now resistant to antibiotics and they don't want to prolong the wait any longer. Hopefully they will find out what is causing all of this problem. The other main problem is being Mal-absorption, meaning I'm not absorption anything including the sub-q. Which is not good, let's hope that everything will be resolve quickly that way I'm there for every milestone of my baby boy's life.


So let's hope that the answers can be found quickly for both myself and for Brittany. We both have reasons to not get sick whether it taking care of a baby or going to school.