Sunday, January 1, 2017

Looking back 2016

Well 2016 has come to the end, I don't know how many of you do an reflection of your year. I do but most times they're just private thoughts kind of thing. This year I feel there's a lot to reflect back on and talk about my year in general.

Sadly I lost my only grandpa, just a week before Christmas. It's so different knowing that he's not here anymore but I know he's not suffering and is smiling down at us. It been hard on both me and my mom, she took it more harder because it was her dad and all my aunts (her siblings) were dealing with that same thing. One of the things while arranging the funeral, is that everyone had use the picture I took of grandpa in October at my cousin's wedding and honestly looking at those pictures I took, just reminds me that he wasn't sick and he was smiling.

I saw him the day after Thanksgiving, after my dad and I got our Christmas tree. I'm glad that I have good memories, the smiling memories of him rather than what my grandma and my mom and her sisters have seen as he started declining. I love you grandpa and I will miss you.

I can't believe I only have one semester to go for my program, I have to say I'm so glad to be finally done with school. I told myself a long time ago (probably when I started college in 2009) that I would be done with school by the time I'm 26. Well I'm turning 26 at the end of this year and I'm meeting that goal.

Yes I officially have my first job, it's an tasking job with a lot of physicality that make it's pretty challenging. It's nice to have one at the same time, I know once I'm done with my program I will be seeking out another job with my degree.

Aside from my whole port mishaps, it's behaving pretty well. Although I know it will come to a certain point in time that I'll need to replace it for good. My mom's insurance went back into network with my hospital but right now currently I'm still at the new site, I still have mix feelings only because sacred heart has been my second home for 17 years. I'm still debating on changing doctors, I can say this . . .  Somehow when you get older you get a little bit more indecisive and that is usually where it stops me because I can't make up my mind. I worry about the domino effect (I think) or that my decision was a bad one but there's no one to tell me if my decision is bad or not. It all has to be my choice. 

I think the year 2017 is time to start dating, start having a relationship but I honestly have no idea where to look for that. I'm considering just to give it a whirl but I need to ask some people that have done it and has experiences with it whether it's bad or just meh. Should I ask myself if I'm ready for a relationship? I think I am, I mean I'm going to be 26 and most people I know are with someone so I kind feel like the only single person. Even my whole class which are females are with someone. 

I'm also thinking of pushing myself to lose weight, I mean I don't have a issue with my weight but it's there and I'd be so much better off with shedding some pounds. Learning how to eat right is part of the challenge although I have no problem eating vegetables and fruits, it's my self control on Junk food. If I can limit how much potatoes chips I eat or how often I go to a fast food that my weight will be better and my a1c will be better.