Friday, February 27, 2015

Infusion Day

Okay so this is a week late since I had my infusion last friday but I had a big big weekend so I didn't have the time to sit down and type away!

So my infusion went a little bit different because I had a nurse who seen me before and sometimes changes the bottle every once in awhile if my primary nurse isn't around. Well she was my primary nurse and I know she's knows what the routine is for me but she or I was going to play hardball.

First it had to deal with my needle size really its the same dance over and over again, I typically "Usually" uses an 1 and 1/4 size needle that practically the biggest size they make.

BUT . . .

. . . .

BUT . . .

The claim is that they don't have that size!!!!! Which I know is not true because Ive made it a habit to check the needle size when I come every 21 days. There's only a few nurses that actually know where that neddle is stocked but still it's the same old dance.

Anyways so I said we can do 1 inch  but I can't go any smaller than that.

So I'm access and waiting for my stuff to come up the nurse wanted to give me an IV saline bag which is like NOT WHAT I DO! Not in the last 6 to 10 years!

But she was insisted that it was protocol but I know the routine for me so after she was trying to provide an argumentative discussion about it's a backup, we can't just give you your medicine and such but I told her that we don't do IV Saline for me, we never have unless we needed to and I've been doing pretty good on Privgen without an reaction.

I kept telling her that no one else give me that IV saline but she goes on saying that everyone's problem but I had to put my foot down because I did not need that excess fluid running in me!

SO after I told her that I simply don't get it, she asked  
"So you're refusing this?" 

NEVER IN MY LIFE had I had someone say that to me! It was like I was refusing treatment but which I was not. But I said YES I'm refusing the Saline bag and so she gave me Saline Flush (Syringe) which is what everyone else does, simple as that.

Its rare that I had to do that but I did not need that medium size IV Saline bag, it wasn't even the smallest they had!  The only other time that I had to explain that I don't get an IV bag saline was with a new nurse (really new) and she asks for a switch

I promise I don't BIT! Or Claws but she was very new so she was uncomfortable with how things were run with me and me being so vocal.

And that's okay . . . with me it's just a go with the flow.

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