Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Well for the first time in 17/18 years, I am forced to make an sudden transition.

And no it's not about Sub-Q, it's actually about where I go to do my infusion . . . In April I've gotten a letter from both my insurance and my hospital saying that they are reviewing their contract and the decision wouldn't be made until the 30th of April. However I only had one infusion in the month of April, so May was of concern because I have two.

Well after I had my first infusion of May, I get a letter from the hospital saying that my insurance and them have terminate their contract with one another. What that meant was that anytime after May that everything will be out of network.

Now in late April, I did tour another facility that was in network with my insurance (for now) and my dad and I had to reach out to them about me coming in for my first infusion in June, since I already have my appointment for my next infusion set-up at the hospital later this May and according to my Mom (who I'm under insurance with her) Human Resources said that we're covered for the month of May.

But now everything is needed in order for this other facility to be prepare for me in June, luckily I only have one infusion that month as well. It's unfair to myself and to other patients and employees even that they now have to seek out another place, seek out another doctor that is in-network.

We're working hard on making sure that the other facility has everything they need in order to take care of me during my infusion and that they have all the supplies for my infusion(s), since I'll be going there from June to the Future.

Usually I'm a very positive person but when it comes with insurance, there's too many WRONG things that they do that doesn't help me or to anyone for that matters. Even my Cousin who works for United Health, hates the system. He had more than one incident trips to the ER or Urgent Care and get Billed for so much when really he had one or two things that he needed but they billed him for many tiny things like just going to the ER/Urgent care. He even posted a youtube video about what the bill really is when you go to the hospital just to have your child.

I'm attaching the youtube video in case anyone is curious

I'm sure my Transition will go smoothly but I'm leaving a family that's been my family for 17 years, I won't see this family maybe for a year, two years or maybe forever. I'm sure I'll go through another transition again later down the road, but it's just hard.

It's hard to say goodbye.

I'm working hard to make my last day with them memorable and giving them a way to keep in touch with me because I know I've touch their lives in one way or another, I'm someone that they'll never forget.  I hope that maybe one day I can go back there, but it clearly unknown if I can or not.

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