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This is all opinions and my perceptive on motherhood.  I have not experienced Motherhood yet. 

Living with a condition that affects your life in a big way and you wonder how would that affect some things down the road that you want to have like Motherhood for example. 

For me I know I've always wanted children, when I first said I wanted children I never even consider all of my conditions that I have because really . . . In all honesty? I don't let that stop me, I don't let it stop me from going to college, I don't let that stop me from doing anything. 

Here's a common question: Can I pass CVID down to my children? 

In my opinion NO but genetics plays a role in what your children get, half from you and half from your spouse. When I got sick as a baby naturally my parents worried that there might have been something they didn't know which is why we saw a genetic person (this was over 20 years ago) and that didn't tell us much but again genetic wasn't as sophisticated back then as it is now.  

Now genetics are being studied on more and more, answers are being solved and better treatment are being created. Another thing to keep in mind CVID is not proven to be hereditary, if it was then that changes my whole answer about passing CVID down to your children. 

Still don't sound convince? That's okay I'm not writing this to convince you, I'm writing this so you can read one person's point of view and mine is quite large. 

So what can you do? 
The first and foremost is to try and plan your pregnancy, if you're just getting diagnosed and is "sick" you don't want to become pregnant at this time. I know there's that saying things don't always work out when you plan but for me in my mind planning helps. Planning prepares me in what would be the goals in maintaining an healthy pregnancy as well keeping myself healthy. Like if I could and was with someone committed I would try to get pregnant now because I'm in the best health that I can be in.

I plan to do genetics testing before I have kids; this won't change me wanting to have them but again to see what may or may not be passed down from myself and my spouse.  I think we would both want to know percentages even when it won't interfere the decisions of having kids.

IVIG/Sub-Q facts 
If you're one of those that don't always like having their IVIGSub-Q because of the side effects, well you will have to expect to do more when you're pregnant. Doctors wants to make sure that not only you are being care for but also the baby because the baby thrives on your system to keep it healthy.

The Pregnancy Process
I'm sure you'll be seeing an high risk OB/GYN because of your condition and would want to be monitor closely.  I would expect it to be the same for me so unless your immunologist is comfortable with you seeing an regular OB/GYN and the OB/GYN is comfortable seeing you without feeling that you're out of their experiences.

You will be doing a lot more than your average first time mom-to-be because our bodies doesn't work the way it's supposed to. 

The one thing I would suggest after having the baby is to STAY on TOP with your IGG levels and IVIGs or Sub-Q because you may not feel sick but you could secretly be sick because your follow ups fell through the cracks because you had a baby. Having a baby can do a lot to your body, so it's important that once the baby is here you are on top of your health.

2 Cents Remarks

Honestly don't let anyone's else opinion stop you from having kids, because the way I think is this: I don't care about anyone's opinion and if someone does say something, I would say that's your opinion but your opinion is wrong and jaded.

Keep in mind you will probably get the 2 cents remarks from a lot of people, even your own friends and family. But just remember that they aren't the one living with your conditions and even if your closest closest family/friends say something just try to forgive them for that momentary relapse.

I know there's a lot that I wish I could offer as advice/suggestions but again we all grow wiser as we go through certain experiences. But you can guarantee that when it comes time for me to have that wonderful experience I will be very open with it.

Keep in mind for that webinar
"Family Planning and PI" on
August 24, 2016 | 8:00pm ET 

You might gain some insight from the speakers and other people that tunes in.

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