Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dealing with Evans

I've been diagnosis with Evans since I was 4/5 years old, it was also the time where I was also diagnosis with an Primary Immune Deficiency, then categorized as Common Variable Immune Deficiency. I wish I could show you my powerpoint that I put together for Plasma centers that I visited because that says it all and then I tell them some of my life experiences.

Now while I spent my life pretty normal as a kid, you know going to school, making friends, playing sports (kind of). There's always a few things that prevented me from doing some activities just because my parents didn't want to risk any injuries to myself while playing certain sports.

But again that didn't really slow me down, but there were some challenges there always had to be some challenges.

As I tell every workers at the Plasma centers that my dad always had a theory to why I have Evans, CVID, Severe Hemolytic Anemia.on top of other medical things was due to the vaccinations that I reiveced when I was about one or two years old. It was actually that particular lot number that a few kids actaully had gotten a effect from it because of the level of mercury that was present in that vaccinations also my dad also think I could have been a little under developed just because I was sick on and off after I was born with the common cold, cough, and other little things that little babies might get.

My platelets ran normal as far I remember until I started on blood thinner because I had a port-a-cath put into for better access for my Infusion.

I did do a trial Rituxamib treatment that was SUPPOSED to help improve my numbers but it never did, and it worn me down and decrease my energy. So we stop the trial and we never consider it again, although my platelets over the years have remains between 70-130.

I will write another post about my recent experiences with my platelets and recent updates on this whip las of platelets.

~ Kat 

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