Friday, September 26, 2014

Infusion Dream


So here's an interesting thing that happens to me . . . I had an infusion dream.
How many of you have infusion dreams?

Well for me this was the first, my very first one in 14/15 years,

This is how the dream goes, I'm in one of the room that I'm placed in with a bed on the second floor of short stay at Scared Heart where I've been doing my infusion since the beginning of time. The setting was just as real as if it was an actual reality infusion day.

However there were a few things that I do often come across every now and then, NEW Nurses. Now what i mean by New Nurses are those that have never access me before and I'm pretty apprehensive on who access me because it the scenario where I want it to go in the first time.

Yes we all hate repeated pokes because the nurse can't get it, but I told this new nurse how to do it and she got it in like a pro. Then my dream fast-forward so I have no idea what went down in the middle of the dream except the ending.

Typically on an infusion day, I'm off being a busy cat doing school work, catching up on social media and such so I rather look at the clock because the previous infusions the clock in the room was not working! 
And yes I do have a phone but this is a time where I don't be on my phone because I got my laptop in front of me.

Now you're thinking, YOUR laptop has a Clock!!!! Well still I don't pay attention to the little numbers in the far right corner of my screen.

So what happens in the dream? My infusion ended at 5:45PM!!! In late PM!!!! My infusion averages at 4 and a half hours, so there's a routine that goes into place.

The rate of the pump increase 50 every 20 mins, my max is 300. The first bottle takes the longest because of the rate changes. Well so when I see the clock inside my dream and it saying 5:45PM I had to figure out WHY did it takes that long?

Well lo and behold the rate was only set at 50 and the nurse never increase it! SO yeah no wondering why it took so long to finish!

Now I'm not sure why I dreamed this but maybe it the stress that I'm under from school and having to really push myself to go above and beyond to understand my classes. But this was just so weird to me. 

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