Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11: 13 years later

September 9th, 2001 . . .

For many it was a day where our states was being attacked, we utter silence and in disbelief . But for me it was a different story, in a different view and setting.

I had been in the hospital prior to this date, fight cellulitis in my left eye it was days of pain and minimal vision although I could never really see out of my left eye due to a cornea scarring that I gotten from a virus as a young child.

I had been missing school because of it, the doctors had me on IV antibiotics, since my immune system couldn't fight the cellulitis anyways on its own. I was in and out of sleep because I was in pain so sleep, Tylenol, and cold compression was about the only thing that ward off the pain for just a little bit.

Both my parents had to work because they had taken days off prior because the infection was so bad and it was tough being 8 years old and not really understanding why I kept getting infections all the time. But thankfully the staff on the 6th floor treated me like their own daughter, they told my parents that they would watch over me while they work for half a day, even my grandparents help a little as well.

But I remember that day on 9/11 that my parents or well my dad wasn't suppose to be at the hospital until noon or so and he was there early than expected. I didn't think anything of it because you know I'm 8 so I was just comfortable. Then he turned on the news . . . Go to 1:47

I still didn't know what was going on because one, I'm a kid I don't watch the news but then I saw after the plane had hit the second tower that something bad had happen. Although I couldn't understand what had happen, my dad sat in one of the chairs in the room and he was just glued to the screen although he try to divert his attention to me while watching the news. then we both saw one of the buildings collapsed. that is at 1:23:15

Now 13 years later . . . 

I still remember this day because two major events had happen in my life, our states was under attack . . . many parents and family were wondering if we were all going to be safe. My parents had probably thought that too but they were praying that I would get better from the infection in my eye and start going back to school.

I would ask my friends, what did you remember on 9/11 . . .  theirs answer?
We just sat around in the room while the teachers were focused on the TV in the classroom.

For me my answer will always be, I was in the hospital fighting a horrid infection in my eye but was semi-aware that something else had happen in the world on that day.

I've watch a couple movies that revolves around 9/11 events as well documentaries, and finally began to understand what I couldn't at 8 years old. Our world was attack, our planes were hijacked and many lives were lost.

When I was in Baltimore in the summer of 2013, my mom and I went to the World Trade Center museum that was by the piers and it was a dedicated to all those that risks their life to help hundreds that were hundred of miles away and never returned home. They even had parts of WTC buildings.

I will always remember this day just as everyone else, it's just that mine was a different point of view.

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