Monday, December 14, 2015


I had meant to do this post last week for Thanksgiving, it's kind of an thankfulness kind of thing. First in the month of October, my dad suddenly got sick. It was very onset and I wasn't sure what was going on, we ended up calling the ambulance because he couldn't move from the bathroom it wasn't an rushed ambulance and the hospital was five minutes from the house.  Somewhere in those five + ten minutes his status changed he was wiped out from throwing up and was nonverbal.

So what ended up happening I had to call my mom from work because dad wanted me to run an errand he usually does so I knew at the time I got to the hospital that I had to call her to come to the hospital
since I legally can't make the medical decisions.

He ended up getting blood works, CT, Chest X-ray, an heart ultrasound, I think he got an MRI but I wasn't sure. He was admitted Monday evening and the next day I had class but I wanted to stop and drop stuff off and see him needless to say I didn't want to go to class but I went and was a little late but I had a good excuse.

Later I called my mom since she only plan to work until 4 but when I called around 1:30 and my dad was getting angiogram because his cardiac enzyme was off and they wanted to find out why. They didn't find anything, but they were concern about his diabetes and his blood pressure. Thankfully my aunt came over to help out since and here's the kicker! I was having my six month check up with my immunologist and I almost didn't go like we were hours from determining if we should go or not. My dad was starting to feel better but his blood pressure was high and they were treating him and won't discharge him until it was below a certain number.

I did end up going to the cities Wednesday since my appointment was Thursday morning, I was waiting and waiting to hear if Dad was going to be discharged Wednesday evening and thankfully he was! Buddy our cat probably was clingy to him all night, Buddy didn't see his daddy leave but he knew that daddy wasn't home Monday night after we were gone. I told him but he still eyed the bedroom where dad sleeps and knew he wasn't home.

Mom and I came home Friday and my Aunt had left Thursday, I couldn't be more thankful for her to come over in such a rush and she was just in town that weekend! 24 Hours ago. He's better and we're getting his blood pressure under control and his diabetes under control.

So that was how the month of October went for me in that crazy week, so I'm thankful that he's better and he's still here. His doctor won't rule out the idea that he may have had a heart attack but his symptoms were nothing like a heart attack, he didn't have a stroke, we're just calling it severe vertigo. There will never be an definite answer.

Now for November, nothing happen HOWEVER my Port reach another milestone a BIG one. As some of you might know from sharing my story with my port. November 2000 is when I got my port put in and I haven't need another one. That marks 15 years!

Celebrating 15 Years 

Some would say WOW! Amazing! How is that possible???? 
Well I don't have an answer only theories, but however my theories are what keeping this port going! Now how long after this milestone would this port keep going, I have NO IDEA! But I'll take as many years it will give me! 

So I'm thankful for my Port, it's been my life saver for my IVIG administration.  

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